Beard Oil 

Over the past several years, clients have suggested I produce a beard oil. After some experimenting with other oils my experience wasn’t good. 

My experiences were that it made the beard too shiny and the scents lingered too long or were too strong. 

Well…that turned me away from using them.

After further thought and research, the solution was to fix what I saw the problem to be. 

So I used eye drop bottles so you will get exactly what you need, not too much or too little.

You should apply to the hand first and only a drop or two at most is needed when applying.

One of my main ingredients is olive oil which is very good for the skin.

 There is also an anti-aging oil and oil that prevents split ends, which includes Vitamin E and Almond Oil. 

This oil is also prayed over🙏🏽 . 

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